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CRC, LLC was contracted by Dawson Geophysical of Midland, Texas to conduct a 100-percent intensive pedestrian survey of within a 43-square mile area located within the southern portion of Loving County and western Winkler County, Texas. The proposed project entails 3D seismic survey within this 43-square mile area with both source and receiver lines. The project area is on University of Texas lands.

CRC conducted the cultural resource survey from July 5, to August 9, 2017. Marron was brought onto the project to record cultural resources that were identified by CRC and complete the report. Marron’s fieldwork began on August 10 and finished August 20, 2017. Dr. John Griggs of CRC was the Principal Investigator for the project. Toni R. Goar served as Project Manager for Marron’s phases of the project. All work was completed under THC Permit 8084.

The total length of seismic lines surveyed was 758.42 kilometers (471.36 miles) with a 30-meter survey width. Total area surveyed within the 43-square mile area was 2,207.53 hectares (5,454.72 acres).

Twenty-three (23) sites and 142 isolated occurrences were recorded. Twenty-two (22) sites are recommended as not eligible to the National Register of Historic Places, due to the lack of radiocarbon material and deflated state of the areas. One site, (41LV87) has an undetermined eligibility based on the unknown potential for buried cultural deposits. Further testing is recommended to best determine the sites integrity. All of the sites will be avoided by a reroute around each site. At each site, a 50-foot buffer was flagged and an additional 50-foot area outside the buffer was inspected for cultural resources. This “work zone” will be used during the seismic survey to avoid the sites. The isolated occurrences do not meet the criteria for eligibility to the NRHP and no further treatment is recommended.

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