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TRC conducted intensive, linear pedestrian surveys of six (6) proposed routes. These lines are part of an approximate total of 58,180 linear feet of 8-inch potable water lines, 13,130 linear feet of 12-inch potable water lines, 11,240 linear feet of 16-inch potable water lines, and approximately 120 potable water service line household connections (3/4-inch). These potable water lines will connect to approximately 63 fire hydrants. The current neighborhood does not contain any existing water and wastewater facilities for residents. The residents of these areas currently use private water storage tanks, which typically have a capacity of up to 2,500 gallons. Currently, water is delivered by the truckload to fill private water storage tanks. The current wastewater disposal system is via individual septic tanks. The proposed potable water distribution system will provide residents with a safe and reliable potable water service and will meet fire protection needs. Along with the potable water lines, household connections, and fire hydrants, 32,500 square yards of pavement cut and replacement will take place, as well as the installation of thirteen 16- inch gate valves, twenty 12-inch gate valves, and fifty-seven 8-inch gate valves. The project area is located within El Paso County, Texas.

Numerous modern trash dumping episodes were noted within the project area. The trash dumps consisted of modern ceramic tile fragments, roofing material, concrete fragments, wind-blown trash, miscellaneous milled wood, aluminum cans, furniture fragments, dead animal remains, mattresses, glass bottles, tires, and miscellaneous clothes and shoes. No significant cultural materials were located or identified. The archeological pedestrian survey was conducted under TAC #7907. No further work is recommended for the project area.

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