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On May 24 and 25, 2017, the Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) conducted an archaeological pedestrian survey of the Highland Oaks subdivision in southern Bexar County, Texas. Adams Environmental, Inc. contracted CAR to conduct the work in association with future road improvements by Bexar County in the Highland Oaks subdivision. The current roads are unimproved, and 3,700 meters (m) of the residential subdivision are planned to be improved by Bexar County. As improvements will be within the public right of way (ROW) and funded by Bexar County, the project falls under the Texas Antiquities Code. The archaeological work was performed under Texas Antiquities Permit No. 8032. Dr. Paul Shawn Marceaux served as Principal Investigator, and Antonia Figueroa served as the Project Archaeologist.

The fieldwork consisted of a pedestrian survey and the excavation of 36 shovel tests in the existing ROW. Much of the project area has been subjected to vehicular traffic and has been impacted by residential activities. No new archaeological sites were documented during the archaeological survey and shovel testing, and only modern material was observed. CAR recommends no further archaeological work and that improvements proceed as planned. Records generated during this project were prepared for curation according to Texas Historical Commission guidelines and are permanently curated at the CAR at UTSA.

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