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In December 2015, a pedestrian archeological survey was completed in order to inventory and evaluate any archeological resources on public and private land for 1.2 miles of proposed new-location roadway between Chandler Road and Northpark Boulevard in Taylor, Williamson County, Texas. The project is associated with the development of the East Williamson County Events Center (EWCEC), currently under construction near the south end of the project. The road will be owned and funded by Williamson County, rendering it subject to the Antiquities Code of Texas. No federal nexus is known.

The archeological area of potential effects (APE) consists of the 20-acre (8-hectare) footprint of the proposed roadway. Most of the APE consists of cultivated fields and had high ground surface visibility during the field visit. Nine shovel tests were excavated where ground visibility was limited and soils appeared to be intact. All were negative for cultural material. A single isolated non-diagnostic lithic artifact was found on the surface. No further work is recommended within the APE prior to the construction of the proposed roadway.

If any historic or prehistoric cultural material, features, or deposits are inadvertently uncovered during the proposed construction activities, construction should cease and Texas Historical Commission (THC) personnel should be notified immediately.

Notes, forms, and other project data will be made permanently available to future researchers at the Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS) at Texas State per TAC 26.16 and 26.17. The Texas Historical Commission (THC) concurred with the findings and recommendations of this report on December 28, 2015 (see Appendix A).

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