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Between February 2014 and October 2015, Atkins North America, Inc. (Atkins), conducted cultural resources investigations for the City of San Antonio’s (COSA’s) proposed Espada Road Widening Project. The project area extends from Southeast Interstate Loop 410 to approximately 137 meters (450 feet) west of the intersection of East Ashley Road and Espada Road, a distance of approximately 1.6 kilometers (1.0 mile), comprising 7.99 acres (3.2 hectares). The project area was subjected to an intensive pedestrian survey, which was supplemented by mechanical trenching. In total, 27 shovel tests and 9 backhoe trenches were placed in locations across the Area of Potential Effects (APE), with particular emphasis on areas potentially containing remnants of distribution laterals extending from the Espada Acequia. Although the locations of a few of the acequia laterals were visible from the surface, most have been backfilled and affected by modern disturbances. Mechanical trenching was employed in an attempt to catch the acequia laterals in cross-section, but no such features were observed. No new archaeological resources were identified during the survey.

An archival review hypothesized the presence of three acequia laterals extending into the parcel immediately south of Rilling Road. Because the property currently houses a construction yard and no excavation was possible, the parcel could not be examined at the time of the surveys. Therefore, Atkins recommends that any construction within that section of the APE be monitored by a qualified archaeologist. Atkins also recommends monitoring the property at the northern end of Espada Road, where an outfall will be located. Due to the APE’s proximity to existing archaeological site 41BX260 at that location, excavation within that portion of the APE should be monitored as well.

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