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The City of Arlington in Tarrant County, Texas proposes to construct the Bowman Branch Hike-and-Bike trail in southeastern Arlington. In addition, portions of the trail will be constructed within the floodplain of the Bowman Branch which falls under the purvey of the Fort Worth District of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Since the City of Arlington is a political entity of the State of Texas and land controlled by an entity of the State of Texas is involved, a Texas Antiquities Permit is required. In addition, the Archeology Division of the Texas Historical Commission acts as the Section 106 review agency for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Antiquities Permit Number 7870 was issued the Texas Historical Commission for the archeological survey. Records and photographs made during the intensive pedestrian archeological survey will be curated at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory, University of Texas at Austin.

Benchmark Environmental Consultants which is doing the environmental permitting contracted with AJC Environmental LLC Consulting to perform an intensive pedestrian archeological survey of the proposed trail. The archeological survey was done during the later part of December of 2016. No cultural materials older than 50 years were discovered on the ground surface or uncovered in sixteen shovel tests that averaged approximately 34 centimeters below the ground surface.

Based upon the absence of cultural materials and the lack of buried cultural materials in the shovel tests, it is recommended that further cultural resource investigations are unwarranted and that the City of Arlington be allowed to construct the Bowman Branch Hike-and-Bike Trail without further cultural resource investigations. However, if cultural materials are encountered during the construction, work should stop in that area and the Texas Historical Commission should be notified. Work should not continue until the proper investigations have been carried out after consultation with the Texas Historical Commission.

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