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An archeological survey was conducted between March 8 and June 17, 2016, for the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority (CRMWA) II pipeline in Carson, Gray, Potter, and Roberts Counties, Texas. The proposed pipeline will transport water from wells located 27 km (17 miles) northeast of Pampa, Texas, to Amarillo, Texas. The total length of the pipeline, including a lateral line to the City of Pampa, is 108 km (68 miles). The pipeline will occupy a right of way that is 120 ft (36.6 m) wide, resulting in an Area of Potential Effects (APE) totaling 985 acres. The average depth of the proposed line will be between 4 and 6 ft (1.2–1.8 m).

The pedestrian survey examined the full length and width of the APE only in areas with a moderate to high potential for archeological sites, consisting of playas and stream channels emptying into playas on the Southern High Plains surface and the Canadian Breaks environment. These settings account for about 47 km (29 miles) of the pipeline route and encompass about 430 acres. The remainder of the route, with a low potential for sites, was not examined by pedestrian survey.

The survey recorded four archeological sites: 41CZ86, 41CZ87, 41CZ88, and 41PT514. Sites 41CZ87, 41CZ88, and 41PT514 are small prehistoric sites of unknown ages; 41CZ86 consists of a surface scatter of early-twentieth-century artifacts. All four sites lack the capacity to contribute important information and are considered ineligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places and designation as State Antiquities Landmarks because of the disturbed and surficial nature of the cultural deposits, the lack of buried intact cultural deposits, and the paucity of interpretable artifacts and features. It is recommended that the project be allowed to proceed without any additional archeological investigations.

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