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Previously unrecorded site 41TV2509 was discovered post-review during construction for the widening of US 183 from US 290 to SH 71. The project, conducted under Texas Antiquities Permit No. 7627, consisted of examining and reporting a multi-component site, 41TV2509, which was discovered post-review during vegetation clearing and grading in association with the widening of US 183. Fieldwork was conducted between April 20 and April 25, 2016. The project area covered an area of approximately 0.02 acres, completely situated within existing TxDOT right of way. A pile of roughly 100 yellow bricks, some still mortared together, was encountered during mechanical operations east of US 183 and immediately south of Loyola Lane. Subsequent examination revealed a wide scatter of both prehistoric lithics and historic domestic debris, none of which were collected. Shovel testing and mechanical scraping revealed no evidence of additional features. The site, recorded as 41TV2509, and comprised two components: a likely prehistoric lithic material procurement site, and a mid- to late-nineteenth- century domestic residence. The integrity of the site was completely compromised during discovery, due to the initial disturbance through mechanical vegetational removal. Based on the results of the survey and the archival research, the site does not appear to meet any of the criteria for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places under 36 CFR 60.4 or for designation as a State Antiquities Landmark under 13 Texas Administrative Code 26.10. Construction was allowed to proceed, and the site has since been removed in its entirety.

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