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In May 2008, PBSJ (now Atkins North America, Inc.), was contracted by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), to conduct archaeological impact evaluations and surveys for the Houston and Beaumont Districts under Contract 578-XX-SA004. This contract was for on-demand services, with specific work defined by individual work authorizations. However, all investigations were subsumed under a single Texas Antiquities Permit (No. 4925) for the contract, with Michael Nash serving as Principal Investigator during fieldwork. Four work authorizations were issued, but only three surveys were conducted due to a refusal of Right-of-Entry on one job. All fieldwork was conducted between October 2008 and April 2010. Projects were located in Fort Bend, Galveston, and Harris Counties. Following completion of the fieldwork and the majority of reporting, the permit was transferred to TxDOT, with James T. Abbott serving as Principal Investigator. Final preparation of this report was performed by Abbott, based upon a draft provided by Atkins.

WA 1 authorized survey of a planned detention pond adjacent to Farm to Market Road (FM) 2978, between 0.065 and 0.145 south of Bogs Road in Harris County. An intensive survey of the 4.13-acre site was conducted on October 2, 2008 by Rebecca Sager and Ephriam McDowell. Four shovel tests were excavated during the survey, all of which were negative for cultural material. No cultural resources were encountered during the survey, and Atkins recommended that no further investigations were warranted and the project receive archaeological clearance.

WA 2 authorized a survey prior to construction of beach stabilization structures along a 4.7- mile length of SH 87 in Galveston County. The archaeological project area designated in the scope of work consisted of 35 acres of existing right-of-way (ROW) within an overall 70.0 acres of existing ROW. A visual inspection of the project area and excavation of one shovel test was conducted on February 4 and 5, 2009, by Damon Burden and Joe Craig. No cultural resources encountered during the survey, the survey area was found to be heavily disturbed, and Atkins recommended that no further investigations were warranted.

WA 3 was a proposed realignment of Conroe-Hufsmith Road at FM 2978 in Montgomery County. The project would have required 2.0 acres of new ROW, and the APE would have included the new ROW as well as any existing ROW along the project length. However, permission to conduct archaeological investigations was denied by the affected landowner, and the Work Authorization was cancelled.

WA 4 was issued for an intensive survey in advance of improvements to FM 1464 at New Home Cemetery in Fort Bend County. An initial survey was conducted at the location, but due to a contractual dispute between Atkins and TxDOT regarding the scope of services, not all work associated with the project was completed by Atkins. This report describes the work that was completed under this permit.

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