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On behalf of the The City of San Antonio (COSA), Atkins North America, Inc. (Atkins), completed an intensive pedestrian survey for the Donop Road Fire Station 53 Project in southern Bexar County, Texas. COSA intends to construct a new fire station with a large vehicle bay within a 3-acre parcel of land near the intersection of Donop Road and Interstate Highway 37 in southeastern Bexar County, Texas. The work will consist of land clearing and grading across the entire 2.8-acre parcel, with depth of impacts up to1.8 meters (6 feet) for utilities. Thus, the area of potential effects (APE) is 2.8 acres and 1.8 meters (6 feet) deep. COSA contracted Atkins to conduct a cultural resources investigation for the parcel. As the proposed project will occupy land owned or purchased by COSA, a political-subdivision of the state, it is subject to evaluation under the Antiquities Code of Texas (ACT) and COSA’s Historic Preservation and Urban Design Section of the Unified Development Code (Article VI 35-630 to 35-634). All work was performed under Texas Antiquities Permit No. 7607.

As part of the investigations, Atkins completed a background literature review and pedestrian survey with shovel testing. The background review determined that no previously recorded cultural resources or previously conducted surveys are within the proposed project area. A historic resources desktop review determined there are no historicage resources within the project area boundaries. Per Texas Historical Commission survey standards, six shovel tests are recommended for a project this size. A total of eight shovel test were excavated within the project area, exceeding the proposed standards. All shovel tests were negative for cultural material, and no cultural resources were encountered.

Atkins has made a good faith effort to locate cultural resources eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places or for designation as a State Antiquities Landmark. Based on the findings, no such resources were encountered, and no additional investigations are recommended. Atkins proposed a noncollection survey and as no significant cultural materials were encountered, no artifacts were collected. All project documentation will be housed at the Center for Archaeological Research at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

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