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Between February 25 and 26, 2014, Blanton & Associates (B&A), under contract with Tetra Tech, Inc., the prime contractor to Kerr County, carried out an intensive archeological survey (as per 13 TAC 26.7 and 26.15) of localities associated with Tasks 7 and 8 of the proposed Center Point Wastewater Facilities Improvements Project in Center Point, Kerr County, Texas. The Center Point Wastewater Facilities Improvements Project is situated within and around Center Point, located approximately seven miles (11.2 kilometers [km]) southwest of Comfort in Kerr County, Texas. Task 7 consists of a portion of the proposed wastewater line that crosses Wilson Creek between Greenwood Drive and Schladoer Lane. Task 8 consists of two localities targeted for wastewater line improvements at Avenue D and Mosty Lane, and between Nicks Road and Nicks Road, between Center Point and Comfort.

Both Task 7 and 8 portions of the Center Point Wastewater Facilities Improvements Project were subject to intensive archeological survey. A total of 13 shovel tests and two backhoe trenches were excavated, and no significant archeological deposits were encountered nor were any archeological sites recorded.

No artifacts were collected during this survey. Archeological investigations were carried out under Texas Antiquities Permit No. 7178.

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