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In July 2015 Deep East Texas Archaeological Consultants (DETAC) conducted a cultural resource management survey of the proposed Cross Roads Special Utility District’s US Highway 259 water well in Rusk County, Texas under Texas Antiquities Permit #7433. Proposed construction includes clearing and leveling a 0.4 hectare (1.0 acre) property to drill a water well and associated pumping structures. The visual inspection of the area found a dilapidated building which was used as a plant shop in the 1970’s or later. The building appears to be made of modern materials and is surrounded with debris associated with potting plants. A total of 6 shovel tests were excavated across the property. No cultural material was found in the shovel tests. No artifacts were collected or curated. No further investigations are recommended at this location. However, if any artifacts, bones, or cultural materials are found or recovered during clearing or leveling the area, then all construction should stop and DETAC contacted to evaluate the potential impact to cultural resources important to the State of Texas. Based on the field work, DETAC is requesting concurrence with the determination of “no effect” to NRHP eligible properties for the proposed water well and pump station.

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