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In June 2015, Atkins archaeologists conducted an intensive cultural resources survey of the proposed Crabb River Road Widening Project near Rosenberg, Texas, which is sponsored by Fort Bend County and involves right-of-way (ROW) owned by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). This investigation provides a basis to identify and assess cultural resources that could be impacted by construction of the proposed undertaking in accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act and the Antiquities Code of Texas.

The proposed project would widen Crabb River Road from approximately 0.40 kilometer (km) (0.25mile) south of Sansbury Boulevard to approximately 152.4 meters (m) (500 feet [ft]) south of the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District (LCISD) new secondary school complex. In total, the length of the Area of Potential Effects (APE) is 4.67 km (2.9 miles) long, and it varies in width from 24.4 to 36.58 m (80 to 120 ft). The depth of impacts within the APE is expected be to be 1.22 to 1.83 m (4 to 6 feet) throughout, with deeper impacts for bridge supports (6.10 to 12.20 m [20 to 40ft]). Thus, the APE total approximately 17.46 hectares (ha)(43.15 acres), including 9.55 ha (23.6acres) of new ROW and drainage easements. Because the APE includes land that is owned by the State of Texas, and the project is sponsored by a political subdivision of the state, Antiquities Code Permit No. 7280 was acquired prior to commencement of the cultural resources survey.

The proposed project would be implemented in phases that are primarily distinguished by the inclusion of at-grade improvements and a grade separation at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad and Thompsons Road (Farm-to-Market Road [FM]762/FM 2759). Grade-separation access ramps would require 3.80 ha (9.4 acres of new ROW). A new bridge would be constructed over Rabbs Bayou, providing for increased roadway capacity. In addition, approximately 5.75 ha(14.20 acres)will be acquired for three stormwater detention basins. Two will be located on both banks of Gapps Slough and along the west side of the roadway in the southern portion of the APE. A third proposed basin would be located approximately 230 m (750 ft) west of Crabb River Road (FM2759) on the south side of the Rabbs Bayou near the northern project limit.

The background review revealed that the existing ROW of the APE has been previously surveyed, and that site 41FB133 is mapped within the proposed APE, while seven other sites are within 1.6 km (1mile). The Sansbury/Sandberry Cemetery and the Dickson-Murfey Cemetery are also located within a 1.6-km (1-mile) radius of the APE. Site 41FB133 was revisited during the Sager and Cordova (2010)survey, when it was noted completely destroyed by a housing complex, determined not eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), and no further work was recommended. The current survey did not revisit the site, which is actually recorded 12.19 m(40 ft)east of Crabb River Road, and no new ROW is proposed at this location.

During the field survey, no cultural material besides modern trash was encountered on the surface or in18 shovel tests that were excavated within the APE. In accordance with 36 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 800.4, Atkins has made a reasonable and good faith effort to identify archaeological historic properties within the APE. As no properties were identified that meet the criteria for listing in the NRHP according to 36 CFR 60.4 or for designation as a State Antiquities Landmark according to 13 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 26.12, Atkins recommends no further work.

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