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North Texas Municipal Water District is proposing to construct a 3.05- mile-long pipeline and a storage tank area (measuring up to 4.7 acres) in Rockwall County, Texas. The combination of permanent and temporary easements varies along the route but they are never wider than 70 ft combined. AR Consultants, Inc. (ARC) was contracted to survey the route and conducted the survey March 17 and 26, 2015. No prehistoric archaeological sites were found during the survey. This follows the predictions made prior to field work which were based on the project area’s location in the upper reaches of the Camp Creek Watershed.

One historic farmstead site (41RW30) was recorded. This site consists of a well/cistern at a location of a mapped structure on maps dating to the 1920s through the 1970s. However, no structure remains and the only intact feature is the well/cistern. Additionally, the artifacts recovered are indicative of an early to mid-20th century residence and the site lacks overall integrity. Given the results of this survey, AR Consultants, Inc. recommends that further cultural resource investigations are unnecessary for this project, and requests that the Texas Historical Commission concur with this recommendation.

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