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Report Title: Archaeological and Metal Detection Investigations of a 4-acre Proposed Development at the Levi Jordan Plantation State Historic Site (41BO165), Brazoria, Texas.

Report Date: February 2015

Report Number: WSA Technical Report No. 2015-03

Agency: Texas Historical Commission

Permit Number: Texas Antiquities Code (TAC) Permit 7083

Project Description:On behalf of the Texas Historical Commission (THC), William Self Associates, Inc. (WSA), conducted metal detecting and shovel test survey investigations of the east side of the Levi Jordan Plantation State Historic Site (41BO165), Brazoria County, Texas. The THC sponsored the current survey investigations in advance of proposed infrastructure improvements to a currently unoccupied, forested 4-acre tract on the northeast side of the property adjacent to FM 524. The surveys were conducted consistent with the requirements of the Texas Natural Resources Code Title 9, Chapter 191 (Texas Antiquities Code [TAC]) and accompanying Rules of Practice and Procedure (Texas Administrative Code, Title 13, Chapter 26), under Texas Antiquities Permit 7083. The metal detection survey included the participation experienced, volunteer metal detectorists under the guidance of the WSA archaeology team.

The investigations were focused on the proposed location of six boreholes, on an approximately 0.3 mile-long (1,600 ft) by 10 foot wide utilities corridor, as well as the locations of a proposed visitor center, parking lot, maintenance complex, and walking trail. These areas were subject to metal detecting at close spacing (approximately 2-m) by three metal detectorists. This was followed immediately by a shovel test survey, with tests placed at proposed borehole locations and then judgmentally based on metal detector survey results. Thirteen negative shovel tests were excavated in support of the survey investigations.

Acres Surveyed: 4

Project Number: WSA 2014-105

Project Location: Brazoria County, Texas

Unevaluated Properties: 1

NRHP Eligible Properties: 0

NRHP Ineligible Properties: 0

NRHP Listed Properties: 0

Isolated Occurrences: 0

Total Project Resources: 0

Recommendations: The location of the structural remnant is recommended for avoidance by the current project. Should there be any proposed ground disturbing impacts to the feature location, WSA recommends additional archaeological investigations in the form of hand excavated test units and metal detection prospection and recovery, to determine the nature, context, and extent of the feature, and any possible association with the plantation and its important historic context as a State of Texas Historic Site. The feature was identified by the metal detectorists as a relatively large area containing a high volume of buried metal that will require extensive excavation and treatment beyond Phase I survey level recording techniques to expose and thoroughly sample.

Indications are from the WSA surveyed portions of the 4-acre tract, that plantation-era artifacts are present, but in low density and widely scattered, and with the exception of the potential feature location (structure remnant), the area contains no intact, plantation-era features. Recovered artifacts are consistent with the use of majority of this area as active cropland during the primary plantation period. WSA recommends and respectfully requests THC concurrence that, except for the feature location as mapped in this report, there is a low probability that additional archaeological investigations will add to our understanding of plantation-age features or events within the investigated area. WSA recommends and respectfully requests that, except for the feature location as mapped in this report, there is little likelihood that any SAL or NRHP eligible components to Site 41BO165 will be impacted by the proposed project. WSA recommends and respectfully requests that, except for the feature location as mapped in this report, no additional archaeological investigations are warranted within the approximately 4-acre project area prior to construction, and that the remainder of the proposed project may proceed to construction with regard to the TAC, and that all TAC reporting-related consultations for the remainder of the proposed project be considered concluded and complete.

All recovered artifacts will be curated at the THC Austin facility. All modern trash documented during the investigations has been discarded.

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