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In November 2014, an intensive archeological survey was completed in order to inventory and evaluate archeological resources in a 0.08-hectare (0.2-acre) area of potential effects (APE) along County Road (CR) 10, also known as Rio Beef or County Line Road, on the west side of Willacy County, Texas. The work was carried out for Willacy County under Texas Antiquities Permit 7078 by Chris Dayton of Cox|McLain Environmental Consulting, Inc. (CMEC).

Approximately three-quarters of the APE consists of the existing CR 10 right-of-way, which has been severely disturbed by previous drainage modification as well as road construction and maintenance. A three-meter-wide (10-foot-wide) strip of proposed right-of-way along the east side of the APE was saturated at the time of the field visit. Attempted shovel tests in the proposed right-of-way immediately filled with water. No archeological materials or deposits or soils were observed.

No further archeological work is recommended within the APE. If unanticipated archeological deposits, features, or materials are uncovered during construction, work must cease and Texas Historical Commission (THC) archeological staff must be contacted immediately to initiate accidental discovery procedures.

No artifacts were collected; project records including notes, forms, and photographs will be curated at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory (TARL) along with notes, forms, and photographic records, per TAC 26.16 and 26.17. The Texas Historical Commission (THC) concurred with the findings and recommendations of this report on January 8, 2015 (see Appendix A).

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