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Report Title: Archaeological Survey of 33 Miles of the Agua Dulce to Midway Pipeline Replacement Project, San Patricio and Nueces Counties, Texas

Report Date: August 2015

Report Number: 2015-32

Agency: None

Permit Number: None

Project Description: WSA conducted cultural resource coordination and archaeological survey investigations for a proposed Koch Pipeline Company, LP (KPL), Agua Dulce to Midway pipeline replacement project in San Patricio and Nueces Counties, Texas. WSA conducted intensive Phase I pedestrian survey with shovel testing of the proposed 33 mile (53.1 km) pipeline segment, roughly between the cities of Agua Dulce and Odem, Texas. Coordination was conducted with the Texas SHPO, and survey investigations consistent with Section 106 of the NHPA (1992, as amended). The project may be subject to Section 106 of the NHPA due to proposed impacts to WOUS, including wetlands, under the jurisdiction of the USACE, Galveston District, and the need for project Section 404/10 compliance and permitting under the Clean Water (1972, as amended) and River and Harbors Acts. The Area of Potential Effect (APE) is identified as a 33-mile-long corridor measuring 75 feet (22.7 m) wide (approximately 297.10 acres) consisting of the maintained pipeline ROW.

A total of 97 shovel tests were conducted and all were negative. No new archaeological sites were identified. Two archaeological sites were revisited within the proposed pipeline Right-ofWay (ROW) (41NU12 and 41SP185). The portions of Sites 41NU12 and 41SP185 that overlap the proposed pipeline ROW are recommended as not eligible as any possible contributing elements to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) eligibility of these two sites, nor as contributing elements to any State Antiquities Landmarks (SALs). No further archaeological investigations are recommended for the portions of the APE that overlap the site boundaries of both sites. The overall NRHP and SAL eligibility of these two sites remains undetermined, as current investigations occurred only within the APE (pipeline ROW). Survey investigations were conducted adjacent to but outside of the site boundaries of Site 41NU63. No elements of Site 41NU63 were identified within the APE. There will be no project impacts to Site 41NU63.

Acres Surveyed: Approximately 297.10 acres

Project Number: 2015-14

Project Location: San Patricio and Nueces Counties, Texas

Unevaluated Properties: 0

NRHP Eligible Properties: 0

NRHP Ineligible Properties: 2

NRHP Undetermined Properties: 0

NRHP Listed Properties: 0

Isolated Occurrences: 0

Total Project Resources: 2

Recommendations: WSA respectfully requests SHPO concurrence that there exists a low probability that NRHP- or SAL-eligible cultural resources or contributing components of cultural resources will be affected by the proposed pipeline project, due to existing buried pipelines and other disturbances, as well as a preponderance of negative shovel tests at USACE jurisdictional drainages and wetlands, and other HPAs along the approximately 33-mile-long proposed alignment. WSA recommends and respectfully requests SHPO concurrence that with regards to historic properties and SALs, project construction within the APE of approximately 33 miles (53.1 km) be allowed to proceed under Section 106 of the NHPA, and that all Section 106 consultation for the proposed project be considered concluded and complete.

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