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The Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS) at Texas State University (University) conducted archaeological investigations for eight proposed undertakings on property owned by the University under Texas Antiquities Permit No. 6775 during the year 2014. Investigations were conducted to determine if intact cultural resources were present within the project areas and if they would be adversely affected by construction and development. Under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Texas Historical Commission (THC) and the University, CAS is authorized to determine whether proposed undertakings have the potential to negatively impact cultural resources, and if so, to recommend to the University courses of future action that may avoid or offset that impact.

As a result of archaeological monitoring, one previously unrecorded archaeological site, 41HY518, was documented. The boundaries of sites 41HY447 and 41HY37 have been revised to include associated deposits identified during archaeological investigations. No intact, significant cultural deposits were encountered or impacted during the University undertakings of 2014. Accordingly, CAS recommends that no additional investigations are warranted. CAS continues to recommend that the University avoid adversely impacting SALs 41HY160 and 41HY161, as well as sites 41HY37 and 41HY447. If avoidance of intact features and deposits of these sites is not possible, then additional work is recommended to offset the potential loss of information.

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