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Deep East Texas Archaeological Consultants (DETAC) conducted a cultural resource management survey for the City of Tyler, Texas of approximately 104.6 hectares (258.5 acres) in four tracts of Forest Stewardship Area 1 around Lake Tyler East. Timber will be thinned in the project area and hauled off the property. The pedestrian survey was conducted with a combination of visual examination in floodplains and shovel testing across upland ridges. A total of 232 shovel tests were excavated across the shovel tested areas. No new archaeological sites were recorded, but one isolated find was found in Tract 3 and a road cut was observed in Tract 4. Texas Antiquities Permit #6569 was obtained for this project, and all terms of the permit were carried out pursuant of the Texas Antiquities Code. The artifact was curated at the Anthropology Laboratory at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. DETAC requests concurrence with a determination of “no effect” to properties listed or eligible to the National Register of Historic Places for the proposed timber thinning operations. If any artifacts, dark greasy soils, or human bones are uncovered during the timber thinning, then all work will stop in the immediate area and both DETAC and the THC will be notified immediately.

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