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On November 12–13 and December 17–18, 2012, personnel from Prewitt and Associates, Inc., conducted archeological surveys for the Texas Department of Transportation for the proposed replacement of four bridges in the Yoakum District under Texas Antiquities Permit No. 6374. The bridge replacements are as follows: (1) on County Road 39 at an unnamed stream in Victoria County (CSJ 0913-27-051); (2) at the edge of Moulton, Texas, on FM 532 at the West Prong of the Lavaca River in Lavaca County (CSJ 1007-03-017); (3) on FM 951 at the North Fork of Queens Creek in DeWitt County (CSJ 0839-04-010); and (4) near Smiley, Texas, on FM 108 at a branch of Elm Creek in Gonzales County (CSJ 0715-02-013). The project areas range in size from 0.7 to 2.9 acres, with all but one restricted to existing highway rights of way. The County Road 39 project area consists of both existing right of way and temporary construction easements. The surveys were accomplished through inspection of surface exposures and cut banks and excavation of 29 backhoe trenches. Project archeologist Aaron Norment performed the surveys, assisted by Damon Burden and Rob Thrift; Ross Fields served as principal investigator.

The County Road 39, FM 532, and FM 951 project areas were found to be devoid of archeological sites. No further work is recommended for them. A single archeological site, 41GZ243, was identified in the FM 108 project area. Site 41GZ243 is considered to be potentially eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places and designation as a State Archeological Landmark, but no further work is recommended because the site is buried and will not be affected by the bridge replacement. If project plans change to include subsurface impacts in the area near 41GZ243, archeological testing is recommended to assess the site.

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