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Robert L. Turner, Jr. obtained a surface collection of ancestral Caddo material culture remains from the Sam D. Carpenter Bottom site (41CP495) an unknown number of years ago. With records provided by Turner, Bo Nelson has recently recorded the site, and provided the artifacts from the surface collection for analysis.

The Sam D. Carpenter Bottom site (41CP495) is situated on a broad and cleared alluvial fan (280 feet amsl) in the Big Cypress Creek valley, with the Prairie Creek valley not far to the south and the Dry Creek valley not far to the north. There are short, intermittent tributaries to the creek on either side of the alluvial fan, and these flow roughly north and northeast to Big Cypress Creek, the current channel of which is ca. 2 km to the northeast. The Sam D. Carpenter Garden Plot site (41CP496), a Caddo site of similar age and character, is about 1 km to the west.

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