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The J. T. King site (41NA15) is an early 18th century Caddo habitation site on King Creek, a tributary to the Angelina River. It is situated on the northern route of El Camino Real de los Tejas, about 5 km east of the Camino Real’s crossing of the Angelina River. This is an area where Historic Caddo sites are relatively common, and there are sites generally contemporaneous with the J. T. King site both north and south some distance along King Creek.

Archaeogeophysical and archaeological investigations were conducted intermittingtly at the J. T. King site since May 2008, following the relocation of the site by Tom Middlebrook in 2006. The archaeogeophysical work was led by Dr. Chester P. Walker, and covered a 6.1 acre area of the site. During that work, a considerable number of geophysical anomalies were defined, including 10 circular to sub-round anomalies that range from 3.7 to 12.5 m in diameter. A number of them have smaller anomalies situated in or near their centers that are likely central hearths or large post holes (i.e., center posts) inside Caddo structures.

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