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Personnel from Prewitt and Associates, Inc., conducted archeological site assessments and survey at Aquilla Lake from November to December 2010 in preparation for a pool raise planned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District. The proposed pool raise could potentially raise the conservation pool level of the lake by 6.5 ft. Field investigations revisited and reevaluated 41 previously recorded sites and surveyed 10 previously unsurveyed areas (180 total acres) within the confines of the proposed 6.5-ft conservation pool raise. The investigations consolidated 8 of the 41 previously recorded sites into 3, therefore reassessments are given for 36 sites. In addition, 3 new sites were recorded within the 10 previously unsurveyed areas. Of the 39 sites assessed in this report, 5 (41HI74/114, 41HI128, 41HI134, 41HI146, and 41HI169) are recommended as being potentially eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (under Criterion D) pending additional investigations. Of these 5 sites, only 41HI74/114, 41HI134, and 41HI146 will be adversely impacted by the 6.5-ft pool raise and therefore warrant additional investigations.


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