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The Younger site (41MR6) is located on a lower toe slope (250ft. amsl) and alluvial terrace in the Arms Creek or Patton Creek valley at Lake 0' the Pines. Arms Creek is an eastward-flowing tributary to Big Cypress Creek. At normal pool levels the Younger site is now under the waters of Lake 0' the Pines.

When the site was first recorded by E. 0. Miller of the National Park Service in 1951, it was named the D. M. Collom site. The site was estimated to cover 6-8 acres, and was marked by several areas of bare ground where Caddo pottery sherds were collected (n=150), primarily plain sherds (n=115) and brushed/brushed-punctated sherds (n=33). Thurmond considers the site to be a large Titus phase settlement based on the identification of Ripleyffaylor Engraved, Glassell Engraved, Maydelle Incised, Bullard Brushed, and Pease Brushed-Incised sherds in the collection as well as a single Maud arrow point.

In April 1964, Buddy Calvin Jones excavated four burials in a prehistoric Caddo cemetery at what was now known as the A. V. Younger site. The burials were about 30m north of a spring-fed creek, in a row situated near the edge of a small alluvial terrace. The burials each contained a single individual laid out in an extended, supine position with associated funerary offerings, primarily ceramic vessels. We documented a number of the ceramic vessels, as described below, but eight of the vessels recovered by Jones are now missing from the collection.

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