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Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Company (MPRT) proposes to replace existing copper telephone lines with new fiber optic technology. The telephone grid covers major portions of Briscoe, Randall, Armstrong and Swisher counties in the Texas Panhandle. Initial consultation was made with the Texas Historical Commission (THC) in October of 2010. THC recommended all segments along or adjacent to playas, creeks and canyons be given further archeological considerations.

he proposed new fiber optic line will replace an existing buried copper telephone line. The new line will be installed with a cable plow immediately adjacent to the existing line, along the edge of the existing roadway within county and state road easements. The new lines include 93 miles of buried cable. The Area of Potential Effect (APE) includes an eight foot wide (the cable-plow width) surface disturbance corridor along previously disturbed roadways. Sub-surface disturbance will include a trench 3 inches wide and less than a meter deep. A total of approximately 90 acres will be disturbed by the installation of the new cable.

All areas considered highly likely to contain cultural resources were selected for archeological investigations. A background search of the Texas Historical Commission (THC) Atlas Records (on-line) has been completed. Previous investigation records and topographic maps were examined to select approximately 35 miles of the proposed project for archeological examination. For archeological purposes, a corridor 20 feet wide will be included, totaling approximately 85 acres.

Archeological investigations were initiated at the request of Del Schipper of N-Com, Inc. Mr. Schipper can be reached at 806-866-9900, 6129 79th St. Lubbock, TX 79424. These investigations were conducted on behalf of Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. and N-Com, LLC under TAC Permit number 5789. A total of 6 segments were located along/adjacent to playas, creeks or canyon settings. All of these segments were physically walked and inspected between October 10 and 29, 2010, by James Briscoe (Senior Archeologist), Jason Zan (archeologist), and Robert Walker (archeological technician); and on November 8, 2010 by Heather Szarka (Senior Archeologist), Nash Sherrod (archeologist) and Robert Walker (archeological technician) of Briscoe/Szarka Consulting Services.

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