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This article describes archaeological excavations I conducted at the Jack Walton site (41SA135) in San Augustine County, Texas, between November 1981 and July 1982, with the assistance of Suzanne Middlebrook and John Hart. During a total of 20 days in the field, 14 m2 were excavated in four areas of the site. The excavated units are designated Areas 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The site is located on a high bluff overlooking the Attoyac Bayou. It was apparently wooded until the 1930s, when the timber was clear cut; the present open field has been used for pasture and cultivation of corn since. Although Walton family members have collected surface artifacts from the area for many years, the site has been undisturbed by pothunters and looters.

The Walton site was first reported in May 1980 by Dr. James E. Corbin. His site form described a surface collection of “hundreds of Caddoan potsherds, hundreds of lithic flakes, arrowpoints, dartpoints, pitted stones, milling stones, hammerstones, 3/4 grooved axe, fragments of granite porphyry, Frio point of Central Texas flint.” I became aware of the site in June 1981 through information provided by Mr. Bud Hooper, who had collected projectile points there years ago. After several trips to the site, I became convinced that the site would lend itself well to ongoing dual research goals: (1) to arrive at a thoughtful understanding of the prehistoric peoples inhabiting the site through careful excavation, laboratory analysis, and appropriate environmental study; and (2) to provide adequate field work for the archaeological education and training of the primary investigators.

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