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The James Owens site (41TT769) is an apparent Middle to Late Caddoan settlement that was investigated in June 2001 at the request of the landowner, Mr. James Owens of Irving, Texas. The landowner is planning on building a house here in the future, and during the course of clearing the land and constructing a gravel drive way to the future house site, he noted some archeological materials on the surface. Discussions between Mr. Owens, Bryan Boyd (Texas Archeological Steward Network), and Mark Parsons, regional archeologist for the Texas Historical Commission, led to the limited investigations reported on here. The work we conducted was designed to obtain information on the age and content of the James Owens site, and determine what further archeological steps might be necessary to preserve the site and the information it contains.

The James Owens site is situated on a small and heavily overgrown natural rise near the edge of an expanse of “moundy uplands” in the Post Oak Savannah. Immediately to the south is a flat stream terrace and floodplain of White Oak Creek, a tributary of the Sulphur River, and the current channel of White Oak Creek lies about 4 km to the south of the site. At the time of the 2001 investigations, the rise had been partially cleared by the landowner, with a gravel road leading from a Farm-to-Market road to the site itself. Lithic and ceramic artifacts were visible on the surface in the clearing.

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