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At the request of Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University-San Marcos), the Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS) conducted an archaeological excavation of the historic Burleson Homestead (41HY37). The excavation was conducted in June and July of 2000 under Texas Antiquities Committee Permit No. 2406. Artifacts collected during the project were processed and curated at CAS. In addition, CAS conducted archival research on structures located within the project boundaries. Upon completion of the excavation and archival research, a great deal has been learned concerning the Burleson ownership and use of the San Marcos Springs. Unfortunately, little intact evidence survives. CAS determined that the original cabin had been completely dismantled and a replica cabin was assembled nearby, but not on the original foundation . Most of the deposits on the ridge top have been disturbed and most of the recorded features relate to the construction of the replica cabin in the 1960s. The one early feature that does survive, Feature 4, should be preserved and used to provide a more accurate and full understanding of the locale when Edward Burleson settled the site and helped establish the community of San Marcos. CAS therefore recommends that no further archaeological investigations are necessary and that the site should be used to further the public education of the early history of the San Marcos Springs and the City of San Marcos.

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