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The 1999 renovations at the Scott Schreiner Municipal Golf Course offer a unique opportunity for both the golfing community and the archaeological researchers involved with prehistoric settlement patterns along tributaries of major rivers in southcentral Texas. For the golfers, an improved course will be available, for archaeological research, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to evaluate subsurface deposits along Quinlan Creek in downtown Kerrville is available.

Since the golf course was established in 1924, many surface modifications are present. No archaeological investigations have been conducted in the area, however, many artifacts have been recovered by golfers. Through provisions in the Antiquities Code of Texas (Texas Administrative Code, Title 13 Part 2, Chapter 26, Rules of Practice and Procedure), assessments must be done to evaluate the impact on purled deposits during this 1999 renovation procedure. Limited areas were scheduled for- soil removal and potential site destruction. However, excavation of sprinkler trenches to a depth of two feet across the landscape will allow us to evaluate the extent of unknown buried sites along an area of Quinlan Creek that has never before been available for study.

During the course of the investigation, nine areas of potential sites were investigated, with three ( 41KR573, 41KR574, and 41KR575) uncovered with intact deposits, and reburied to prevent further destruction. However, due to previous construction activities, the majority of these sites have been destroyed to the extent that renders them inadequate for inclusion as a candidate for a State Archaeological Landmark status.

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