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The main aim of the paper is the comparison of two archaeological sites, (1) the Eufaula site of McIntosh County, and (2) the Spiro site of Leflore County, Okla. Purpose of the comparison is to indicate the relationship between the 2 sites, thereby establishing a Spiro Focus, the ramifications and general affiliations of which will be suggested.

The thesis is based on original research coming out of my experience as Project Superintendent of various units of the Oklahoma WP A Project. The Project, sponsored by the university of Oklahoma and directed by Dr. F.E. Clements, has carried on large scale excavations in Oklahoma since 1936. At that time the Spiro l\found group, in the east central part of the state, was opened up. In the two years from 1936 to 1938 a crew of 70 WP A laborers, under the direction of trained archaeologists, unearthed quantities of archeological material. The main bulk of material from the "Great Temple" Mound was excavated under the direction of Mr. Joe Finkelstein. 1 It was my privilege to analyze the material excavated by him. I also excavated the Spiro Village and a series of villages in the vicinity of the Mound group. 2 Both groups of data will be utilized.

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