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The Texas Department of Transportation conducted archeological significance testing at site 41TE452 which is within the right-of-way of RM 2886 in Terrell County, Texas. The testing was undertaken in compliance with the Texas Antiquities Code as highway construction which will impact the site will be undertaken with state funds.

Testing involved the excavation of 27 shovel tests (each about 50 x 50 cm in plan), 3 backhoe trenches (each approximately 1 meter in width, and between 14 and 23 meters in length), and 3 test units (each 1 x 1 meter in plan). All of the excavations extended in depth to bedrock, which was encountered at depths of between 9 and 90 cm below the surface. Fill from the shovel tests and test units was screened through 1/4-inch hardware cloth. The surface was also closely inspected for surface artifacts and features. The locations of all excavated units and surface artifacts were mapped.

Only one prehistoric artifact was recovered from the excavations, and a further 18 were found on the surface, within a four hundred foot length of the right-of-way. None of the artifacts was temporally or culturally diagnostic. No cultural stratigraphy or features were identified.

Based on the results of the testing, the site is considered not eligible for designation as a state archeological landmark, and no further archeological research is recommended for the site.

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