This appendix describes the stratigraphic and pedogenic characteristics of each trench excavated during subsurface geomorphic reconnaissance conducted as part of the testing phase at Justiceburg Reservoir. Seventy-seven trenches were excavated during the course of the project. The overall results and interpretations of the geomorphic phase of the investigation are presented in Chapter 4. The data presented in this appendix are based on field descriptions of the sediment columns exposed by the trenches. The neutral term tlzone" was adopted to allow both stratigraphic and pedogenic variation in sediment columns to be described under the same nomenclature. For each zone, the depth, thickness, texture, structure, consistence, reactivity with eilute HCI, color, and nature of the contact with the next lower unit were noted. All depths were recorded relative to the present ground surface. Texture was estimated according to the guidelines presented by Birkeland (1984). Structure, consistence, and boundary determinations follow Olson (1976) and the Soil Survey Staff (1951). Dilute HCI was used to determine reactivity and the suggest relative carbonate content. Color was recorded using a Munsell soil color chart and denotes dry color except where noted.


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