Site 41MS32 was reported in October 1987 during the preliminary engineering stage of a bridge replacement project at Honey Creek on FM 1871 in Mason County. The project calls for a new bridge on new location downstream from the old bridge. The right-of-way for the new bridge and approaches will vary from 85 ft. to 100 ft. in width.

Site 41MS32 occurs partly in the new right-of-way for realigned FM 1871, 7.3 miles southwest of the FM1871 and US87 intersection in the city of Mason. The site is located on the north bank of Honey Creek, a major tributary of the Llano River, about 2 miles from the river in southwestern Mason County (Fig. 1). Cultural material is known to exist over several acres, the most visible manifestation being a single burned rock midden located at the western margin of the site.

The site was tested during the period November 3-12, 1987, by a crew of six employees of the Texas State Department of Highways and Public Transportation (SDHPT). The project was directed by Glenn T. Goode, a member of the SDHPT professional cultural resources staff.

A brief summary of that testing is presented herein along with a research design for final mitigation of the site.

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