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During January 1986, the Center for Archaeological Research from The University of Texas at San Antonio conducted a pedestrian survey along portions of a proposed Canyon Lake hydroelectric transmission line right-of-way in Comal County, Texas, for the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority. The survey located six prehistoric sites (41 CM 160, 41 CM 161, 41 CM 162, 41 CM 163, 41 CM 164, and 41 CM 166) in the right-of-way, and one historic building complex (41 CM 165) adjacent to but well outside of the right-of-way. Recommendations were made for further testing of the prehistoric sites and background research for the historic site to determine their potential eligibility for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places and as a Texas Archeological Landmark.

During April 1986, the Center conducted testing at prehistoric sites 41 CM 160, 41 CM 161, 41 CM 162, 41 CM 163, and 41 CM 164. Archival research was done for 41 CM 165. This work was done for the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority as required by the Texas Historical Commission. All of the prehistoric sites were found to be lithic quarry sites that are deemed to have little potential for contributing significant new archaeological information. None are recommended as potentially eligible for nomination to the National Register or for Texas Archeological Landmark status. The historic site (41 CM 165) appears to have National Register potential. Further background research, building documentation, and selective testing are recommended, but not as part of this project.

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