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Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Uvalde Sanitary Landfill Area, Uvalde County, Texas


H. Ray Smith


During May 1985, the Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio, under contract with W. H. Mullins, Inc., Consulting Engineers, conducted a 100% archaeological survey at the proposed Uvalde Sanitary Landfill area located on the Kellogg and Rodriguez leases approximately 3.8 miles southwest of Uvalde, Texas. The area is located adjacent to FM481.

The Rodriguez 1 ease (63 acres) yielded one isolated artifact (Clear Fork tool). No other cultural materials were observed.

The Kellogg lease (63 acres) yielded one isolated artifact (end and/or side scraper). In addition, a small area of lithic scatter was observed in the northeast corner of the property. Shovel tests throughout the area failed to produce any subsurface cultural material.

The cultural resources found within the survey area are determined not to be significant, and therefore not eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places or to be listed as a State Archeological Landmark. We recommend that no further work is needed.