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Two archeological projects were undertaken in the fall of 1982 by Prewitt and Associates, Inc. Both projects were authorized by the Willacy County Drainage District No. 1.

The first investigation was an archeological survey to locate, record and assess previously unknown cultural resources which potentially could be affected by proposed drainage ditch development (Main Floodway Channel) in the central county area. Field inspections of this proposed alignment detected 24 archeological sites. Fourteen of these recorded sites are classified as isolated finds which are presumed to be prehistoric . The remaining ten resources are classified as sites, six containing prehistoric materials and four attributed to the recent (post-1900) historic past. Five of the prehistoric sites, 41WY84, 41WY86 , 41WY89, 41WY90 and 41WY91, were assessed initially as having high information yield potential, and testing was considered warranted prior to the construction of the Main Floodway Channel to more fully assess the potential eligibility of these sites for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

This recommendation for testing prompted the second project which involved test excavations at site 41WY84. Site 41WY84 was selected from the five prehistoric sites for testing to better assess the nature and condition of these resources. It is concluded from the data recovered that site 41WY84 contains thinly dispersed cultural materials in a highly disturbed context and therefore does not warrant nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. On the basis of these testing results, archeological clearance for the proposed Willacy County Drainage District No. 1 Main Floodway Channel is recommended.

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