Joe T. Denton


Texas State Department of Highways and Public Transportation Highway Design Division




Construction activities during the replacement and upgrading of the State Highway 21 bridge over the Brazos River in Burleson County uncovered a previously unknown portion of archaeological Site 41BU16, the Reading Site, within the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation (SDHPT) right-of-way.

Efforts by local concerned citizens resulted in the salvaging of one partially intact burial and the notification of the SDHPT cultural resources staff.

Evidence recovered during SDHPT testing indicates that the area was occupied over an extensive period of time from the Archaic Period to the Late Prehistoric Period. Also indicated is a late nineteenth and early twentieth century settlement. No additional burials were recovered during the testing.

Evidence from the testing demonstrates that sufficient materials are present to warrant the nomination of Site 41BU16 to the National Register of Historic Places.



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