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The archeological testing at sites 41PN3 and 41PN4 reported herein, came about as ,ill result of discovery of these sites during an archeological reconnaissance of the proposed right of way on F.M. 3359 near Deadwood in Panola County, Texas (Figure 1). Reporting and preliminary testing of these sites was completed so as to be i.n compliance with Public Law 89-670(The Department of Transportation Act of 1966), 36 CFR 60, 36 CFR 8·00, and the Memorandum of Understanding between the State. Department of Highways and Public Transportation and the Texas Antiquities Committee, dated January 5, 1972.

Both sites were discovered by members of the staff of the Archeology Section of the Design Division of the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation. Surface reconnaissance of the area produced 8 plain pot sherds, a few flakes and sandstone fragments from 41PN3 and one broken biface and a few flakes at 41PN4. No shovel tests were. conducted during the reconnaissance.

Preliminary testing of the two sites was conducted by an archeological crew of three persons from July 11 through July 20, 1978. This initial investigation was implemented to provide information allowing assessment of the cultural resources to be affected, to formulate a plan for mitigation, and to assess the two sites as to their eligibility for inclusion within the National Register of Historic Places.

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