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The papers published in this volume were presented at a symposium entitled "The Texas Archaic 11” held in San Antonio on November 2, 1975, during the annual meeting of the Texas. Archeological Society. Of those papers delivered during this symposium, only one, "Archaic Diets and Food Economies" (by V. M. Bryant, Jr.), is not presently available for publication.

The present format has been utilized to insure rapid and economical publication of the symposium papers. The papers are primarily status reports, describing the current state of regional knowledge of the Archaic or dealing with specific aspects of the Archaic lifeway. As such, they are primarily designed to stimulate discussion and future research. They provide professional archaeologists interested in Texas archaeology with data and interpretations more recent than those contained in the Introductory Handbook of Texas Archeology (Suhm, Krieger and Jelks 1954) and the subsequent review of Texas archaeology published as Volume 29 of the Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society (1958). It is also hoped that these papers will help to introduce the growing number of amateur archaeologists in Texas to the many problems of the State's prehistory still remaining to be solved. It will take the concerted and collaborative efforts of both professionals and amateurs to come up with the solutions.

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