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The second vessel is a Spiro Engraved bowl that has been burnished on both interior and exterior vessel surfaces. Below two closely-spaced horizontal engraved lines below the rim and above the base, this vessel has three repeating sets of concentric engraved circles and semi-circles centered on a small excised circle (cf. Suhm and Jelks 1962:Plate 74b-c). Separating each set of circles and semi-circles from one another are closely-spaced sets of vertical engraved lines, with small hatched or excised areas at the corners where the vertical engraved lines meet the central engraved circles and semi-circles.

Spiro Engraved bowl in the Flores collection from the Boxed Springs site.

The Spiro Engraved bowl is 7.2 cm in height, with a 9.9 cm orifice diameter. Vessel walls are only 3.9 mm thick. The rim is direct with a rounded lip.

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