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Even a simplest design has its own character. It does not matter how sophisticated a design is. The matter is your character can be expressed through that design style. I believe the purpose of interior designer is creating a place that reflects client’s personality and making sure to protect their health, safety and welfare.



  • Language: Vietnamese and English
  • Drawing techniques: pencil, oil, watercolor, marker and computer drawing software
  • Computer: Windows, MS Office, Sketch-up, Auto CAD, Photoshop, Light-room and Revit
  • Good team worker
  • Well organized
  • Detail oriented person
  • Patient worker

Awards and Activities

First place at Stephen F. Austin Fall Design Show 2013

Project: The Moore Resident

Finalist of SFA Student Research Conference July 2013

Project: Universal Kitchen

Fifth place at IES Dallas Student Lighting Competition May 2013. Project: Hip Restaurant

Member of Honor Society .org

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