Hailey Hansen Senior Interior Design Exhibit 2019


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Design Statement

I have had the opportunity to design residential and commercial projects over the years while in school. This has helped me to see what I enjoy most, and I have learned that I really enjoy the residential side of design. Whether it’s residential or commercial though, I work to make sure that the spaces I design will best suit the people occupying it. It is important that the spaces I create are not just beautiful, but functional as well. I always try to include natural colors from nature in my designs. It is something that soothes me when I am in a space and I incorporate it into my designs to give others the same feeling.


My name is Hailey Hansen and I am in the Interior Design program at Stephen F. Austin State University. What really got me into design was having the chance to see how my dad designed our home and planned it out from floorplans to finishes. It amazed me that he was able to take an old tennis court and create a beautiful home on the lot. This is the main reason I am in the interior design program today because I want to be able to take empty spaces and create something amazing. My main goal is to graduate this May 2019 and find a job in the Design field. I hope to have the chance to work under a licensed designer and build up my skills in design. Once I have had the chance to work under a designer, I plan on getting accredited so I can be a licensed designer. When I am licensed it will allow me to have more opportunities to do what I love most.

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