Rebecca Bumpurs Senior Interior Design Exhibit 2019


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The purpose of design is to address and give solutions to the problems of a given situation. The root of design is in the care and consideration of the person behind the problem and how the solution affects them, recognizing that behind every design problem is a human being. To design is to go above and beyond the situation, finding new approaches and new methods to use in solving the issue. Not only does design address problems and find innovating methods and styles, but design will express the designer. Design is not simply art, nor simple problem solving, but working usable art which functionally expresses the client and the designer.


My name is Rebecca Bumpurs. I want to be an interior designer focused on healthcare and institutional buildings. I want to help students, elderly, sick, and disabled who have no say over their environment be able to feel at home, and comfortable with their surroundings. Even if I am unable to get into that specific niche, I want to do my best to contribute to society in an environmentally and empathetically conscious way.

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