Emily Bolger Senior Interior Design Exhibit 2019


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A space that tells your story before you’ve spoken a work because the very essence of who you are is woven into your design.


My name is Emily Bolger. I grew up in Dallas, Texas with my parents and my older sister. When I was young, I loved to play soccer, hang out with my friends, and change my room around. I think I always knew I wanted to be an interior designer. After high school, I stayed in my hometown and earned my associate degree from the local community college. Then I decided the next step for me was to attend SFA and major in interior design. Three years later I’m getting ready to graduate and I couldn’t be more excited. The next thing I would like to achieve is to pass the first part of the NCIDQ exam and get a job in a commercial firm under a licensed interior designer. I would like to be a CAD or Revit drafter. My ultimate goal is to become licensed myself and open up my own business.

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