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Design Philosophy:

Interior design is more than just designing spaces that are going to be aesthetically pleasing. Interior design is about creating spaces that will work for everyone yet be unique and beautiful. It is about making an impact on people’s lives, whether it is for a few hours a day or for many years to come. It's gathering ideas and innovations to design a space to fit the purpose it's being designed for. It's critical thinking on how spaces will work for individuals, not only physically but also psychologically. Interior Designers know each interior space has a purpose and every interior space is not the same nor it can be designed the same. Interior design is critical and artistic thinking. It's where work meets creativity.


Hello! My name is Cynthia, and I am from Dallas, Texas. A little about me, I was into design since I was a little girl and I knew that I wanted to work one day in a field where I could express my creativity. Since I can remember I have been in art classes and I spend my hours painting at home. I knew I loved art, but that wasn’t how I wanted to express my passion for design. It wasn’t until I joined an Interior Design class in High School when I realized how much I loved it and anything to do with Architecture. Since then that’s what I destined myself to become. Upon graduating High School, I moved to Nacogdoches where I attended SFA. I was gifted to learn from some of the most and talented Interior Design Professors who gave me all the knowledge I needed upon graduation to start my career. After Graduation, I’ll be moving back to Dallas to start my career in Interior Design.

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