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Design Philosophy

I value design as a tool to create spaces that help my client live more comfortable lives. First, I believe that to create a better tomorrow we need to construct sustainably today to preserve our remaining resources. Secondly, I believe that spaces should be designed universally so that they support the client throughout the lifespan. Lastly, I believe that both sustainable and universally designed spaces should reflect imagination and beauty; everyone is entitled to good design.


My name is Zoe Foster, I am from Grapevine, Texas and I am 21 years old. As a child I loved to go to shops and look at all the new furniture and image the rooms I could design with all that furniture. Now as a senior in college what was my childhood hobby has now turned into a promising future in an interior design career. My professional goal as an interior designer is to pursue a career in aviation design in the DFW area.

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