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Interior design is more than meets the eye; It has the power to change the world if done properly. That is why sustainability is such an important aspect to incorporate as much as possible.

My design philosophy is grounded in the idea that the final product should support a safe and healthy environment for whoever inhabits the space. Having a balance of functionality, comfort, and luxury is something I also strive for in all my designs.

Three factors inspire my design choices; The natural beauty of our world, the clients style, and the purpose for the space. These three factors are the perfect equation for cohesiveness and innovation.


Meagan McNabb


From a very young age, I knew I wanted to pursue a career where I could utilize my creative abilities and interior design is where I found my passion. Upon graduating, I hope to obtain a career in hospitality design where I can focus on restaurants and hotels because that is the path I find most exciting. Imagining the amount of people that would get to experience my designs daily is what particularly draws me to the hospitality side of the industry.

Music: "Nature Kid" by Podington Bear From the Free Music Archive CC BY NC



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