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“Inspiration for design comes from within. Without passion, a design is nothing but ordinary.”

-Jared Ragsdale


Since a young age, I have had a deep interest in design and how I could improve my surroundings not only for aesthetics, but for functionality as well. I received an Associate Degree in Computer Aided Drafting in 2008, and then was hired by an established MEP firm in Tyler, Texas, Estes, McClure & Associates, Inc. Engineering and Consulting. After almost 6 years of gaining knowledge and experience in MEP design, I still desired further education in the design field. At the age of 26, I returned to school in order to continue my education, earning a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Interior Design. It has been the best decision I have ever made for myself. By doing this, I proved to myself that it is never too late to set new goals in any interest that I have. Upon graduation, I plan to start my journey in the residential design field and become a licensed interior designer as soon as time allows. After gaining knowledge and experience from other professionals, my ultimate goal is to own a successful and well known design firm that never fails to meet its client’s needs.

Music: "The Minutes" by Scott Gratton From the Free Music Archive CC BY NC

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