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Most people consider Interior Design to be a luxury and something that only the wealthy and privileged can afford. However, this is not the case; anyone with any budget can have a space that they are proud to call their own. While the wealthy do have the ability to pay to furnish a room without regard to cost, which is not a criteria that alone determines whether or not you have a wonderful space. A more economical family may have to be more prudent with their furnishings purchases, but they still have the right to a beautiful, enjoyable, comfortable home. They may have to consider reupholstering a sofa as opposed to a buying brand new. So long as people come to the design process with an open mind there is no way that they shouldn’t be able to create a space they love. There are so many options when it comes to furniture for a space, whether that is brand new piece of furniture, a hand me down from family, a piece that needed some love and elbow grease to restore, or something completely reimagined and reworked into something unique and one of a kind. Commercial Design can be approached in a similar manner as well, although with restrictions. Commercial Design has more codes and safety standards to consider that guide and sometime limit choices made by designers and businesses. However, there is a wide selection of furniture offered at a variety of prices suitable for most businesses, and most budgets. No one should feel they are unable to obtain a beautiful area or space that they can be proud of regardless of whether it is a Commercial or Residential design.


My name is MacKinley Ryce Donaldson; I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I have always been interested in art, colors and interiors and so happy to have found a major that allows me to express my creativity while also improving the lives of others around me. Once I graduate I am going to focus on developing a career in residential design and hope to one day be a Sales Representative for a furniture manufacturing company.

Music: Woodland Creatures by Kevin Bryce (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kevin_Bryce/)

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