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Introducing an adapted mobility device (AMD) to a child with multiple disabilities can be especially challenging. In this descriptive case study, an AMD is introduced to a six year old boy with congenital blindness, speech impairment, and an intellectual disability. Observational data were collected via A-B-C documentation resulting in a strategic intervention design plan to improve grasping and independent travelling skills. Over the course of 16 weeks, data indicated that Joey (pseudonym) met his IEP goal of holding his AMD consistently for 50 feet. Music treatment was applied as a positive reinforcer to change Joey’s behaviours.



DePountis, V. M., & Kathleen Sheriff, L. (2017). Using Music and Applied Behaviour Analysis to Introduce an Adaptive Mobility Device to a Student with Multiple Disabilities: A Case Study. International Journal of Orientation & Mobility, 7(1), 52–59.



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